Friday, June 27, 2008

They see my Trollin!

Top 48 Examples of Stereotypes

# All Blacks are poor and have AIDs.
# All Jews enjoy money.
# All Asians are all geniuses named "Ching Chang".
# All Japanese are technology-loving sick fucks.
# All Mexicans eat beans.
# All Whites are racist.
# All Muslims are suicide bombers.
# All Christians are crazy warmongers.
# All Your base are belong to us.
# All English people shit the queen.
# All Americans are hypocrites.
# All Canadians live in igloos and drink bagged milk.
# All Europeans have inferiority complexes and are stupid.
# All Australians throw shrimp on their barbies.
# All New Zealanders love to assrape sheep.
# All Irish people are always drunk.
# All French people are pussies.
# All Dutch people are stoned.
# All German people are always angry. "REIMENSCRHAIMEN!"
# All Russian people are communists.
# All gay men are fabulous and talk like thith.
# All Blacks can sing.
# All lesbians are butch and ugly. (The hot ones only exist in movies.)
# All straight men are fat, unkempt wife-beaters.
# All women are anorexic dumbassed whores.
# All politicians are crooked
# All nerds are virgins
# All models are anorexic.
# All Furries are disgusting perverts who yiff to shitty artwork and gay fanfic.
# All contestants on the apprentice are conniving two-faced fucktards.
# All Fat chicks are sluts who like to suck cock.
# All Feminists are Lesbians.
# All Blacks make good astronauts.
# All Blacks emit ghost semen.
# All gays can fly or hover at low heights but choose not to.
# All gays are gay because they looked directly into the Aurora Borealis.
# All Puerto Ricans are lousy fishermen due to their rivalry with the cuttlefish.
# All whites die if they consume 2x their daily protein value.
# All Jews enjoy circus peanuts.
# All devianTART members fail at art
# All fan fiction is shitty yaoi written by 16 year old girls.
# All lazers are charged
# All Japanese are sick fucks
# All Armenians are hairy and smell like shit
# All Swedes are inbred suicidal perverts (this is infact true)
# All Mexicans are lazy and sleep all day
# All Danish people are the canadians of europe

Stereotypes can be used very effectively against anyone who is easily offended or is prone to snap judgements. Leading with a stereotype to produce an artful response that can be easily picked apart is one of the basic ways of trolling to produce internet drama.

Stereotypes are also VERY useful, sometimes you don't have enough time to find out whether a certain nigger you meet loves fried chicken. So, you assume that they all do(this is actually very close to fact). However, there is a small chance you may meet a straight Jew, smart Mexican, useful women, or whatever, but that's a risk you must take.

How to be a Troller.

Existing stereotypes are all well and good, but to truly start an internet shit storm, you'll need a weapon never before seen, and that would be a 'new' stereotype.

- Pick some manner of racial, ethnic, religious, locational, or special interest group; an overdeveloped sense of self-importance is essential for this, and a casual disregard for others also helps.

- Once you have your popular trait, recklessly exaggerate it, generalize it to all people of this group, and pompously state it as dogma in the presence of as many of your target audience as possible. Three distinct internets users is the bare minimum. They will get offended, everybody who is their internet buddy will get offended, and all the rebels without a cause will get offended

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bindi Irwin, Hip-Hop Mogul

Australia’s favorite fatherless child is refusing to let her dad’s unfortunate ascension to the Great Crocodile Pit in the Sky hold back her own burgeoning career, and plans to release her first rap single next month. With lyrics like “I’m afraid of grizzly bears, but don’t you see/Grizzly bears should really be afraid of me,” the song is sure to be a hit, but Bindi has a warning for any potential haters out there: “You muthaf@*$in’ stingrays tryin’ to get in my path/Don’t be surprised when you get a shotgun up your ass. G’day, muthaf#*%ers.”

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why i hate House

Writers for the show begin each work day by opening to a random page in a dictionary of rare medical anomalies and slamming one finger down on the page while blindfolded. Then they open a book of madlibs and giggle shit themselves to death because the script is actually been done before with said rare disease replaced every episode.

The TV show revolves around a crippled, bitter, misanthropic, Vicodin addicted shaman, Gregory House M.D. and his team of 1337 disease h4x0rs at a New Jersey hospital. House's original team consisted of Foreman, Chase, and Cameron, but they all quit or were fired at the end of the 3rd season. However, they continue to lurk moar around the hospital and occasionally pop-up in episodes. House then rounded up a group of potential victims to fill the vacant spots and trolled the fuck out of them like they were on Survivor. In the end, House decided to keep #13, because she fills Cameron's role as the hot chick on his team, Kumar Kutner, because he occasionaly does something lulzy like electrocute himself or set a patient on fire, and some other guy named Taub, probably because the actor who plays the character felated the producers. Additionally, Foreman is back on the team, most likely due to affirmative action. His boss, Dr. Cuddy, is a pro-ana 16 year old girl pretending to be a 45-year-old woman who won't let House hit it.

Then there's House's best friend and the sole voice of reason at the hospital, Dr. Wilson, whose personal life is moar fucked up than all the others combined because he's the sole voice of reason at a loony bin he's a jew. In case anyone missed the spoiler in the pilot, they made it easy to remember by giving him the full name James Evan Wilson. Recently, Wilson has taken up (Amber), a minor character, and one of the losing contestants in House's reality show used to replace his old team LOL DEAD.

Basic Episode Summary

1. As House is sitting in his office railing a few lines of coke, Foreman runs in and tells him that yet ANOTHER patient with a super-ultra rare one in a million foreign disease has just come in. House rolls his eyes, and continues to snort until Chase and Cameron tell him it's serious.
2. House hobbles his way into the ER while taking some Vicodin and demands answers like a hard boiled cop, threatening to cut off his/her life supply if they lie to him; this usually results in him abusing the patient until they go into a massive seizure. At this point House throws up his hands and goes back to his office to play Metroid or Pokemon on his Gameboy advance. Several times between steps 2-4, the patient will appear to be cured, but suddenly develop another fucking symptom.
3. House wanders the hospital after clinic duty deeply annoyed, looking for Morphine to inject into his frontal lobe. On his way, a colleague walks alongside him as they discuss the patient or personal lives, all whilst using complex medical terms that no one understands. This is also known as the "Chat walk."
4. House sends his team to break into the patient's house to look for clues. This part is riddled with inaccuracies, such as how the white people know so much about breaking into houses, or how they never find a wife in the kitchen.
5. Dr. Cuddy storms into House's office, giving him a bunch of shit about how he's not following protocol, endangering the patients' lives, and how she will have him fired. House basically responds to this guilt trip by telling her "TITS OR GTFO" and proceeds to throttle her with his pimpcane. She then bans him from touching the patient, and he goes and cries to Wilson, who says some random-ass shit that he connects with some random-ass disease. Then he takes some more Vicodin.
6. Severely pissed off, House punches his way in to the ER and tries a bunch of super-drastic last-ditch efforts to save the patient like injecting 15cc's of semen directly into the spine and the occasional shocker to try to resuscitate the patient. The patient finally comes back to life and instead of thanking the doctors, they thank God. House tells the patient and his butthurt medical team to STFU, while limping out of the place. More Vicodin in the meantime.
7. House is back in his office raiding the pill cabinet and injecting heroin into his dick, as some song that was mentioned in or somehow relates to the episode, plays in the background.

--Roll Credits--

Donnie Darko Sequel Must be stopped!

Well this movie just added two more names to the roster. How about Oscar nominated Jake Gyllenhaal? Nope. Or how about Golden Globe nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal? Wrong again. Maybe, uh, Oscar nominated Mary McDonnell? Nope, these are two brand new cast members not featured in the original film.

So what “talented” duo of actors were hired? Elizabeth Berkley, who many remember from Saved by the Bell and Showgirls, and Briana Evigan, who was in Step Up 2: The Streets, have boarded the Darko sequel/spinoff. According to THR, Berkley is playing “a speed freak-turned-Jesus freak whose sentiments about ridding the world of its exponential sin are rivaled only by her infatuation with her dreamy pastor.” They will join the already announced cast of Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl, Justin Chatwin (The Chumscrubber), and Daveigh Chase (Donnie Darko) in Utah where production has already begun.

The sequel picks up seven years after the first film and Donnie’s death when his now 18-year-old sister Samantha Darko (hence the title S. Darko), and her best friend Corey go on a roadtrip to Los Angeles, where along the way they are plagued by bizarre visions. Yeah, nothing about this movie sounds good.

For people who have forgotten what the orginal movie was about then here it is -

Donnie Darko is a David Lynch-wannabe movie about a fucked up kid, played by indie darling Jake Gyllenhaal, who talks to a rabbit, has daytime hallucinations, and might be psychic or some shit like that.

The movie almost immediately gained a cult following, especially among teenagers, largely due to the name "Darko" and due to the film's insane amount of pretentiousness. Of course, since many Darko faggots use LiveJournal, dozens of Donnie Darko-related communities popped up. Hundreds of LJ users have Donnie Darko-inspired names and are devoted to their favorite movie. Any criticism of the film is taken to heart, and they will react violently.

Detractors will often be berated by fanboys who say "YOU DIDN'T GET IT! IT WAS DEEP! etc." Because we all know how deep a movie is when they've got a guy putting his hand down his pants and thinking about Christina Applegate.

A favorite of scene, emo, goth, anime freaks, and various other teenager subcultures. Asking any of the above to explain what the fuck the film is about, or indeed asking anyone at all will result in so much utter confusion and pain that their heads will explode, even if they have a perfect internal explanation of it. The entire film is what would happen if Yoko Ono and Steven Spielberg got really high and looked at a box of Nesquik while brainstorming film ideas, and let's face it, it probably is.