Friday, June 27, 2008

They see my Trollin!

Top 48 Examples of Stereotypes

# All Blacks are poor and have AIDs.
# All Jews enjoy money.
# All Asians are all geniuses named "Ching Chang".
# All Japanese are technology-loving sick fucks.
# All Mexicans eat beans.
# All Whites are racist.
# All Muslims are suicide bombers.
# All Christians are crazy warmongers.
# All Your base are belong to us.
# All English people shit the queen.
# All Americans are hypocrites.
# All Canadians live in igloos and drink bagged milk.
# All Europeans have inferiority complexes and are stupid.
# All Australians throw shrimp on their barbies.
# All New Zealanders love to assrape sheep.
# All Irish people are always drunk.
# All French people are pussies.
# All Dutch people are stoned.
# All German people are always angry. "REIMENSCRHAIMEN!"
# All Russian people are communists.
# All gay men are fabulous and talk like thith.
# All Blacks can sing.
# All lesbians are butch and ugly. (The hot ones only exist in movies.)
# All straight men are fat, unkempt wife-beaters.
# All women are anorexic dumbassed whores.
# All politicians are crooked
# All nerds are virgins
# All models are anorexic.
# All Furries are disgusting perverts who yiff to shitty artwork and gay fanfic.
# All contestants on the apprentice are conniving two-faced fucktards.
# All Fat chicks are sluts who like to suck cock.
# All Feminists are Lesbians.
# All Blacks make good astronauts.
# All Blacks emit ghost semen.
# All gays can fly or hover at low heights but choose not to.
# All gays are gay because they looked directly into the Aurora Borealis.
# All Puerto Ricans are lousy fishermen due to their rivalry with the cuttlefish.
# All whites die if they consume 2x their daily protein value.
# All Jews enjoy circus peanuts.
# All devianTART members fail at art
# All fan fiction is shitty yaoi written by 16 year old girls.
# All lazers are charged
# All Japanese are sick fucks
# All Armenians are hairy and smell like shit
# All Swedes are inbred suicidal perverts (this is infact true)
# All Mexicans are lazy and sleep all day
# All Danish people are the canadians of europe

Stereotypes can be used very effectively against anyone who is easily offended or is prone to snap judgements. Leading with a stereotype to produce an artful response that can be easily picked apart is one of the basic ways of trolling to produce internet drama.

Stereotypes are also VERY useful, sometimes you don't have enough time to find out whether a certain nigger you meet loves fried chicken. So, you assume that they all do(this is actually very close to fact). However, there is a small chance you may meet a straight Jew, smart Mexican, useful women, or whatever, but that's a risk you must take.

How to be a Troller.

Existing stereotypes are all well and good, but to truly start an internet shit storm, you'll need a weapon never before seen, and that would be a 'new' stereotype.

- Pick some manner of racial, ethnic, religious, locational, or special interest group; an overdeveloped sense of self-importance is essential for this, and a casual disregard for others also helps.

- Once you have your popular trait, recklessly exaggerate it, generalize it to all people of this group, and pompously state it as dogma in the presence of as many of your target audience as possible. Three distinct internets users is the bare minimum. They will get offended, everybody who is their internet buddy will get offended, and all the rebels without a cause will get offended