Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Redneck or Refined: Deer Butt Art

Recently I received one of those annoying email forwards that included a list of things that tell you “you might be a redneck if …” This particular edition contained some links that led me to something I’ve never seen before and will be perfectly fine if I never see again: deer butt art.

Apparently, adding a Styrofoam mannequin head into the ass of a freshly killed deer carcass is all the rage in the redneck art genre right now. The result is a taxidermy ass face, or occasionally a stylish new doorbell. But the real challenge of creating award-winning ass art is manipulating the anus into a believable mouth—a smile, a frown, or perhaps the occasional mouth of indifference.

Although the artist(s) who created these pieces below gets an A+ for craftsmanship—anyone who has to tie off an asshole to keep the crap off their art is a master craftsperson in my book—I could never have one of these things hanging in my house. There’s just no might about it—if you own or make deer butt art, you are most definitely a redneck.

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